Ashland Educational Services
Our commitment:
AES provides a  dedicated customer service staff.

AES maintains a current reference library and materials to support our
foreign credential reports.

Our staff has the ability to accurately analyze academic and licensure
credentials in terms of U.S. Comparability. The Nursing Committee and the
Education Committee are staffed by professionals with licenses in the
field areas with detailed course-by-courses analysis of the academic

Our Chief International Officer (CIO) has twenty-two years of experience
in the academic field.

AES works with regionally accredited higher learning institutions.

AES uses reliable translation services. Translators are members of the  
American Translators Association (ATA)
AES is a private education credential evaluation agency located in
Chicago, Illinois.

The agency has developed procedures for identifying the authenticity
of foreign educational credentials.

AES follows a code of ethics similar to other entities in the industry.

CIO and evaluators participate in conferences, trainings and panels of
the foreign educational systems. The Advisory Board Members
provide guidelines  to our foreign credential evaluation procedures.

Ashland Educational Services is a member of the following National
Accrediting Associations and government agencies.

The International Center for Academic Evaluation

U.S. Department of Education EROD

Illinois State Board of Education

NAFSA: Association for International Educators.

EIAE: European International Association of Educators.