Ashland Educational Services
Code of Ethics and
Statement of Principles of
Good Practice.
Foreign Credential Evaluation Reports prepared by
our Evaluator staff are judgements based on
appropriate reference material
and standard
references in the field.  
AES examines documents for
accuracy and authenticity and report
s fraudulent
documents to State Boards and Commissions.
AES Code of Ethics and Limitation Statetement:

Code of Ethics:
During the course of the evaluation,
if it is determined that any
information in the application is false,
the application will be denied
and the fee is not refundable.
Incomplete applications will not be considered for evaluation after
60 days.
The applicant forfeits all payment made. We comply with the
of Florida
and State of Illinois Department of Education
Administrative Codes and our Credentialing Organization, IOCES.

Limitation Statement:
The applicant agrees to reimburse and indemnity AES for any
action, liability, damage or claim brought by any third party for any
matter arising from the services provided.