Ashland Educational Services
Foreign Credential Evaluation Reports

AES provides foreign  credential evaluation report:
  • Lists all post-secondary subject with semester credit
  • Work Experience is not accepted into the evaluation or

Teacher Certification Evaluation Report
Boards of Education may require the following information
  • The evaluation reports includes but not limited to this
  • Country and State or Providence of origin
  • Name of institution attended  
  • Specific years attended
  • Name of the credential that was awarded
  • Credential was awarded in native language or
  • Breakdown of coursework completed into
    descriptive course title and semester hour credits
    and U.S. grades
  • The admissions requirements for the attended
    institution and/or credential
  • Disclosure of teaching training program
  • Information about age or grade levels
  • Teaching internship or practice teaching program

Rate Information:
  • The cost of a Foreign Credential Report Package is: US$340 Nursing Education Evaluation.
  • One official certified copy. A US$100.00 Fee apply for additional copy.
  • Two to three weeks processing time.
  • Available in 72 hrs. Additional fee apply.
  • Evaluations are final. They can not be disputed.
  • Applicants are responsible to verify acceptance of the destination higher
    learning institutions, boards or employers.
  • Consultations fee $100.00 per hour.
  • Limited acceptance

Application Agreement Form (AAF) to download and print

Application Agreement Form Disclaimer:

Before applying for an credential evaluation report, it is
recommended to first contact the destination entity
(academic institution, employer, government agency or
licensing board  that requires the evaluation to learn
out its specific requirements).
Limited accepted by some entities.
Ashland Educational Services is monitored by two
National Credentialing Associations and we report
fraudulent documents to the above mentioned
agencies and the Boards of Nursing and Education
pending on the case.
All documents submitted are required to be translated
by ATA staff to English; otherwise, there will be an
additional charge for the ATA staff translation.
Download an Application (MS Word format)
Download  an Application (pdf format)