Ashland Educational Services
AES Disclaimer
Ashland Educational Services  (AES) was
established in 2004
Consumer Protection Disclosure
  • Methods of Payment:
Personal Check, Money Order and Cash Payment only
  • Refund policy:
    A full refund within 72 hrs of the application signed.
    Cancellation is required by email,or by certified letter.
    Email Address:
917 West Washington Blvd. Suite no. 126. Chicago, Illinois 60607
    At 30 days, a refund check will be issued if  the applicant has
    met the refund policy.
    No refund after 72 hrs of the signed application regardless of
    the situation including the denial of the credential evaluation
    report by the destination entity.
    February 2006.

  • Foreign Credential Evaluation Services:
The client's application is submitted for verification and we follow
guidelines from non-profit organizations such as:
We follow the Administrative Codes of the Florida Department of
Education and Illinois State Board of Education.
Contact our Chief International Officer for verification of
membership and government approval agencies.

  • The Destination entity:
    The applicant shall contact the destination entity prior to
    submission his/her foreign credentials to determine the
    foreign  credential acceptance. Limited acceptance.

  • Cost and Penalty.
    AES reserves the right to change the price without notice.

    A US$78.00 fee will be charged to the applicant if the
    payment has been returned to us by Insufficient funds (NSF),
    stop payment or cancelled payment.
    Collection costs may applied.